Ozine Fest 2014 Day 2 – A Recap


Ozine Fest has always been known for its large otaku followers and for almost nine years, calls for a larger venue particularly to hold it at the SMX Convention Center were on the rise.

The organizers heard and granted their request and hold the 2014 Ozine Fest at Function Room 5, SMX Convention Center in Pasay.


Compared to the first day, a huge crowd of attendees trooped to SMX just to check out the rest of Ozine Fest 2014 . Some of the attendees came from the farthest place in the country and some even came from abroad.

Despite of one month of pre-selling of tickets, many preferred buying their ticket onsite and this brought a very long line coming from the side entrance to the back of SMX. According to those waited outside, they waited 1-2 hours before they were enter the venue.

Due to huge numbers of attendees, the SMX security also needs to control the flow of attendees particularly those who have no tickets from entering SMX. The organizers also decided to open Function Room 4 which served as a holding room for loitering cosplayers and photographers. This was free during the second day.


Despite constant reminder from the hosts about taking care of personal belongings, there were still cases of theft happened inside the hall. Unfortunately, among the victims were the members of a cosplay dance group name Sugar 48 where one of them got her bag stolen at the backstage. The other members also lost some items but not as worst as the former. Sugar 48 participated in the group cosplay competition.


Some of Misa and Yazi fans were very disappointed that their favorite cosplayers were not able to attend this year’s Ozine Fest, however, this group of fans still showed their support for Misa by wearing sailor’s costume at the event. She was supposedly be cosplaying Shimakaze of Kantai Collection in the second day.


The rest of the international guests continued their meet and greet with Aza, Yanngbyul and Doll cosplaying as characters from Date a Live while Ying Tse cosplayed Junko from Danganropa.



On the lighter side of the event, various Jrock and anime cover bands performed on stage with their respective renditions of your favorite anime series or songs from your favorite Jrock or Jpop artists. The event also featured card gaming tournaments while participants of the individual karaoke contest and Battle of the Bands put their best performance singing and performing their favorite anime and japanese songs on stage.


The main highlight of the event for day 2 was the group cosplay competition. From 4 groups who participated in the group cosplay competition, Dragon Ball Z Warrior with their awesome skit featuring episodes from the series won the first prize.



The staff also launched their second volume of their monthly Otakuzine Anime Magazine which features three covers. Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, and Shingeki no Kyojin’s 104th Training Squad were featured on the first two covers while the third cover, which is in 3D, features Shingeki no Kyojin’s Eren Yaegan. Only 200 copies were published for the 3D cover which is definitely a rare item for magazine collectors.



Japanese otaku fashion company Cospa Asia was at the event as one of Ozine Fest’s major sponsors. At their booth, they were distributing survey sheets as part of their ‘getting to know’ the Filipinos and possible store here in the Philippines. All who took the survey were given Kitkat Green Tea Flavor. They will be also at Cosplay Mania 2014 this October.


Team Deremoe reports that the launch of the Ozine Plus Membership was postponed until Otaku Expo 2014 in August.

animeph project is a media partner of this year’s Ozine Fest 2014.


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  1. Terrible crowd handling by SMX. Sure it’s a nice venue, but crappy security is crappy.

    Besides, Ozine’s pre order tickets are hard to come by. Next time, Ozine should consider making their tickets purchasable via SM Tickets. It’s more accessible that way.

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