Ozine Fest 2014 Day 3 – A Recap


The hosts during the second day announced that there were rumors circulating the third day of event will be cancelled. They quickly denied the rumors and said last day of Ozine Fest 2014 will continue.


Another rumor circulated in the social media that a local band group similar to One Direction, the Chicser were Ozine Fest’s special guest for the third day. Ozine’s Brian Uy debunked the rumors.

CROWD: Day 3 Continuation

The crowd flow was more organized than the second day and the SMX security were all out with the crowd control efforts. The Function Room 4 opened at around 2PM, however, for ticket holders. There was still long line outside of the SMX building but not as long as the second day.


In an article by Inquirer.NET, more than 20,000 went to SMX Convention Center last weekend. The population of attendees ballooned to 25,000.


The event continued with their staple activities like the Karaoke contest and trivia games.


The tarpaulin auction is still one of the most entertaining segments of the event and this time, the auction will be dedicated for a cause.


The hosts announced that some of the proceed of the tarpaulin auction will be given to Team 1Up, our Philippine representative to Asia Cosplay Meet 2014 Championships to fund their costumes.


The third day of Ozine Fest 2014 featured one of the most awaited activities of the event, the Individual Cosplay Competition; however, only ninety-one cosplayers registered and participated for the cosplay competition. This is below par from the usual 100+ participants of an Ozine Fest events for the individual cosplay competition


Ozine’s Individual cosplay competition winner Mark Anthony Vibas showed the audience how Deadpool will look when he woke up as Elsa from Frozen. His performance as Ice Queen Deadpool was well-applauded by the audience.

For the list of winners, you can check here.


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