Uchusentai NOIZ Fan Meet: A Recap


After having a blast with listening their songs yesterday at MetroTent, Metrowalk Pasig City, Uchusentai NOIZ held a fan meet and greet for their lovely fans here in the Philippines. The meet and greet was held at The Pad by Padis Point at Mall of Asia.

Fans were early to arrive at the event, and yet they willingly wait to meet their favorite band under that intense heat, they bought refreshments while waiting and some of them got to see the band members playing with the kittens around the vecinity, taking a photo and waving to them while Uchusentai NOIZ is inside the ‘The Pad’. During the waiting period, the organizers gave out posters to fans for the band to sign and 1 more purchase item.

Items to be purchased that time were: lanyards, pins, posters, photos, t-shirts, Iphone case, wallet, pocket mirror, and more.

The meet and greet started a bit late than expected but that didn’t hinder the fans meeting Uchusentai NOIZ. Everyone was deligthed to see them face to face in such a near gap from each other.

The first part of the program was question and answer portion. The organizers give the change for the media partners to ask first then later come the questions of the fans. It was a lovely sight seeing them answer questions among the fans, one of the media partners asked: “For manly purpose, what’s your favorite beer?” then (the purple guy) showed his tatoo, and it’s written San Miguel Beer. Everyone was clapping at the sight of the tatoo.


One fan asked the band: “If you were given the chance to come here again, but not on tour just for leisure, what will you do?” One said he’ll explore Davao, one said will taste Philippine cuisine, and one said will go fishing.

After the 1st half of the meet and greet, came in the autograph signing portion. The fans were really excited, preparing the gifts they’ll give to each band member. I too took the chance and have them sign my Iphone case which I bought during the event. It was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to give anything to them in return, but seeing them smile while signing the case was really worththe gift to give them back.

After the autograph signing came again the question and answer portion, most of the fans were able to ask each band member their questions and were satisfied with their answers. It was a bit hard translating them in their native language but it is good that they understand they want to say. One point in this portion is when (Yahoo guy) asked when will they release their new album, and TANAKA answered that it will be soon released here in the Philippines, for he is also excited for when it will be released.


The most awaited part of the meet and greet was the photo session where in each fan get the chance to have a photo taken with Uchusentai NOIZ and also take home a copy of the photo. Some of them even requested the official photographers if they could have a shot with their cellular phones and/or DLSR so they could have a soft copy of the photo. After each and every fan had their photo taken, came in the group shot.

Everyone was really happy seeing their favorite Japanese band. Went home with a smile in their face, an event to remember, and a story to tell to their friends.



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