Philippine Toycon is Moving to a Bigger Venue Next Year


During the media conference held at the Toycon 2014 Epic Launch, Cholo Mallillin, one of the organizers of the Philippine Toycon says that they are moving the biggest toy convention to a bigger venue next year .

Mallilin explained that the Philippine Toycon averages 25,ooo people for the three-day event and even setting record high in term of attendees. There were time that they have to stop selling tickets as there were no room inside so for next year, they are making a move. Next year, they are moving.

Though Resort World Manila is inviting the organizers to hold TOYCON at their Marriot Grand ballroom next year, there are no details yet to where they  will be moving. Marriot Grand ballroom is tagged as the largest ballroom in Southeast Asia.

Philippine Toycon has been holding the event at SM Megatrade for many years already and since they are not keen in moving the event somewhere, except today.

Toycon 2014 Epic Launch was held last May 31 at Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.


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