Toycon 2014 Epic Launch – A Recap


Collectible Unlimited, the organizer of the largest toy convention in Southeast Asia, hold its second Toycon pre-event and press launch last week.

Toycon 2014 Epic Launch event was held last May 31 at the Newport Mall located at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.


The one-day event is open, not only for the invited media people but also to other attendees who wants a glimpse of the main Toycon 2014 event as described by the Colllectibles Unlimited and event organizer Cholo Mallillin.


The event started of with a panel discussion about “DC in all Media.” Guests and members of the local cosplay group and comic enthusiasts JusticePH led by the “Flash,” Glenn Antonio and Aquaman, Christian Pacaud gave a brief background on what is currently happening to DC Universe in comics, TV, movie, games, etc.

There were also panel discussion on toy collecting, video games presented by Reimaru Files, Cosplay 101 by Jayar Buelos, the father of Gundam chibi cosplayer Izaiah Buelos and the 75th anniversary of Batman presented by JusticePH’s subgroup, GothamPH, led by Tim Villasor.


Aside from the activities on stage, there were booth selling various merchandise at the event. I was able to buy Smile Company Ranka Lee at a very low price compared when bought outside.

The program continued with the highlight of the event, the Toycon 2014 press conference. Various media from print, TV and from online sat down as the Toycon organizers represented by Vic Yap and Cholo Mallillin gave insights of what’s going to happen to this year’s largest toy convention in the country, the 13th Philippine Toycon 2014.


There were questions on the possible transfer of Toycon to a bigger venue and about the gaming community at Toycon. Full details about the setup will be announced soon.

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Representatives of Pacific Licensing also gave some teaser on their upcoming movies this years specifically those that will be promoted at Toycon 2014 – Transformer 4, Guardians of the Galaxy and Rurouni Kenshin sequels.


Francis Bonnevie of Resorts World Manila is proud that Newports Mall is once again the venue of the Toycon 2014 Epic Launch event. He also gave some updates on the what’s happening in RWM and also announced the opening of the biggest ballroom hall in Southeast Asia next year.

The event hosted two cosplay competitions. The first one is the NCR Qualifiers for the World Cosplay Summit Philippines. All three team participated and competed at the event will advance to the WCS Philippine Finals which will be held at Toycon 2014.


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WCS Philippines NCR Qualifiers (Photo Album here)

Izaiah Luke Buelos cosplaying as Velskuld of Dragon Nest won the Toycon Cosplay Catwalk held immediately after the WCSPH Qualifiers.


The event ended with sing and dance performances from various artists. We were also invited to a full course dinner at the Passion Restaurant in Maxims Hotel.

See you at Toycon 2014.

(More event photo at Facebook page)