TOYCON 2014 – Retailers Day and First Play Night

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The first day of the biggest ‘geekfest’ in the country, the 13th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2014 opened with retailers’ day.

The retailers’ day was called as such because it is dedicated for merchandisers, booth owners and people who are into toy collecting or people who are mere buying toys. There was no program so people are concentrated in toy ‘hunting’ from a hundred booths in the event.

We also had a chance to check out some of the booths at the event.

In a joint interview made by animePH and Team Deremoe, Great Toys Online (GTO)’s Malvin Lim confirmed to us that since December 2013, Comic Alley, a popular local anime store line, has started carrying their original anime figures in some of their stores.

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Comic Alley had a bad reputation in the otaku community because of their ‘bootleg’ anime figures and GTO as a distributor of major Japanese anime figure brands in the Philippines, is helping them get up from that negative image.

Comic Alley started with the Banpresto products since they were the cheapest in the market. GTO further revealed that by next month, Comic Alley is set to carry Tamashii Nation and original Figuarts Zero figures in their stores, and eventually original Nendoroids and Figmas by the end of the year.

(More on the interview by Team Deremore)

Then, we had Japanese art supplier Deleter gracing this year’s Toy Convention. They shared a booth with one of the concessioners introducing a wide variety of art products. Representative of Deleter also discussed with us on the possible partnership with Great Toys Online to distribute their products locally.

Another crowd-filled booth was from as they demostrate Oculus Rift to the Toycon attendees.

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Otaku Asia releases their 10th issue of their magazine at the event. It features the game eccentric duo Sora and Shiro of the latest anime series from Madhouse’s No Game, No Life.

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We also dropped by at Mikari’s Haven to check out their AR cards.

Retailers’ day ended with the first Toycon Play Night with their main guests Itchyworms and Mocha Girls.

Itchyworm, after there performance on stage, had their meet and greet session, and autograph signing. We also had various bands also performing onstage.

Later the evening, we also had Mocha Girls, sponsored by a men’s magazine. The all-girls dance group had their ‘intense’ sexy dance which sparked negative reactions online especially the lap dance performance. It made everyone think if should it be included in a program of a geeky event.

With that, we ended our first day coverage there.


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