Cosplay Mania ’14 Meet and Greet Madness

cosplay_mania_meet_and_greet_madness (5)’s Cosplay Mania ’14 Evolution Meet and Greet Madness was held last September 13 at Meeting Room 1, SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Taguig.

Attendees of the event got to meet two-well known cosplayers from Japan, namely Touya Hibiki and Yun Kousaka. They are both female cosplayers but their cosplaying style are completely opposite.  Touya is into “crossplaying” charming male anime and manga characters or “bishounen” while Yun, on the other hand, is known for her portrayals of sweet, cute and innocent female characters.

animeph project, one of the media partners of this year’s Cosplay Mania ’14, was invited to witness the event.

The meet and greet session started with the iterations of the house rules. We described the two guest as shy due to fact that we cannot record a video during the session but we can take photos of them as much as we want.

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During the “Interview” part, their fans had a chance to ask questions to the guests. The two have been cosplaying for 7-8 years and the two meet together during an event while cosplaying as characters from Macross Frontier. Furthermore, Touya and Yun admitted that they are into the Yaoi fandom and plays otome game like Amnesia.

This is their first visit to the Philippines and yet they have been captivated by our native foods. Touka takes a liking to sinigang and Yun like sisig.

The session continued with the autograph and photo session. The meet and greet session closes with a surprise as Touya Hibiki fluently says, “Mahal ko ang Pilipinas” to her fans. Yun Kuosaka followed by saying “Masaya akong makita kayo dito.” They said they will come back to the Philippines.

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In the end, more than a hundred attended from both session. There is a waiting room in Meeting Room 7 where attendees are comfortable waiting to before coming to the meet and greet room. The stubs had numbers designated to where will the attendees will sit.

Overall, the event went very smoothly, orderly yet fun.

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