The New Starmarie Performs at Movie Star Cafe

starmarie_at_movie_star_cafe (53) (800x533)

We were invited last September 20, just after our coverage of the first day of Best of the Anime 2014 for another live performance of Starmarie at the Movie Star Cafe near the seaside, Mall of Asia complex in Pasay.

We got another chance to see them perform again few feet from the stage. Their performance was short but still superb, as expected from a Japanese idol group. Alodia Sister’s Lou and Rei opened the stage for them.

.This was Starmarie’s second time performing at the movie-themed restaurant. The first one was last April 30, before performing at the Best of Anime 2014 Summer Live event. It was still Shino and Nozomi at that time.

After the performance, we were served with various expensive-looking food at their famous Dino Buffet. The night continued with Movie Star Cafe musical Beauty and the Beast.

Movie star Cafe is a movie-theme restaurant that showcases props and life-size statues of characters from various movies. The restaurant also features dance and broadway musical performances every 30 minutes.

Thank you to Otakista and Cosplay Network Philippines for the invitation.