Otaku Urule’s Japanime 2015 Event Recap

japanime 2015_1

Just three week ago, I went back to my Alma Matter, the Polytechnic University of the Philippine – Manila to witness Otaku Urule’s second Japanime held at the university’s Freedom Plaza.

The one-day event featured lots of anime merchandise booths, manga booths. There was even a Vanguard card tournament in a nearby venue. The organizers also boasted its more than 40 major and minor sponsors.

japanime 2015_ (74)

The event also highlighted the Individual cosplay competition and the Jrock band performance. Some of the band present at the event were Seiteki, Hoshi no Sora, Asterysk and many more.

While many of the attendees were student and alumni of the university, many non-PUPians still joined the festivities. The venue is open so everyone is welcome despite being under the scorching heat of the sun.

The program started late as we were informed that this was due to some concerns with the university.

At the end of the event, Otaku Urule founder Rg Gamurot gave his grievances to a certain department in the university due to its “anti-organization” policies. Gamurot also said that despite all the problems encountered, he will still continue to organize events for the PUP community.

animeph project would like to thank the organizers of Japanime 2015 for inviting us again to cover the event.