Ozine Fest 2015 will not implement “No Ticket, No Cosplay” rule

The organizers will not implement the “No Ticket, No Cosplay” rule in the upcoming Ozine Fest 2015 according to their meeting with the sponsors, booth concessionaires and the press at the Megatrade Function Room A last Friday.

However, the organizers and the Megatrade Management reiterate that they will still be enforcing stricter “house rules” for the attendees, cosplayers and photographers of the event.


  • Cosplayers will be not allowed to use the public restrooms for dressing up makeup, body paint, etc. The organizers will be providing dressing booths located at the Megatrade hall 3.
  • There will be a designated package counters for registered cosplayers only. Cosplayers, competing and non-competing must register to avail the services of the package counters. Any unattended bags will be brought to the Megatrade office.
  • Cosplayers and photographers will be prohibited to loiter or hang-out at the Mega Fashion Hall. SM Management will be designating security personnel at the areas concern.
  • Cosplayers with bulky costumes such mecha are only allowed to wear their costumes inside the venue. The cosplayer will be not allowed to wear the whole costume outside.
  • Photography is still allowed, however, “pop-up studios” and mini-studios are prohibited, parking area included.


  • The organizer will open the event at exactly 10 AM.
  • Purchase of ticket will be done at the event itself. There is no online selling. Entrance ticket is worth Php200 per day.
  • The organizers has setup three ticket booths at Megatrade Hall 1 and 3. For those who availed the meet-and-greet passes, you can claim it at Hall 2.
  • Attendees can purchase tickets in advance for the next two days.
  • The ticket price for the meet-and-greet ranges from Php900 for half of the guests and Php1,700 for all the guests. According to the organizers, the meet-and-greet slots are almost full. There will be an onsite selling of meet-and-greet tickets but limited only.
  • Meet-and-greet tickets does not entitle a holder for a free entrance of the event. You will still need to purchase an entrance ticket.
  • In case of overcrowding, the organizers will have to stop selling tickets.

animephproject is a media partner of Ozine Fest 2015. Ozine Fest 2015 will take place on April 24, 25, 26 at Megatrade Halls 1, 2, 3, Function Room A and B, SM Megamall.

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