Tamashii Convention 2015 Event Recap

Last month, Nihon Kenkyuu Kai, De La Salle University’s Japanese Studies organization was very successful in holding its 3rd installment of Tamashii Convention after a three-year break from the Philippine event scene. TamaCon 2015 was held at Function Hall 1, Meeting 2 and 3 at SMX Manila.

This one-day anime event featured a lot of activities such as the fashion show organized by Kawaii Philippines, J-pop Idol competition, Japanese Culture Talk and the Cosplay Competition.

There were also band performance from Strange Orange, Veralia, Hoshi to Sora, and Dimension Line. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Inertia band took over Asterysk* slot.

Apart from the different contests and band performances, Tama Con 2015 had its own popup cafe named, The Cake & Coffee Club Cafe  located at Meeting Room 3 and various Matsuri Booths, which made it a unique event.


animeph project came in the afternoon as some of the activities were already done, but it didn’t stopped us from enjoying the event.

The numbers of people who attended was a surprise since SMX was implementing the “No Ticket, No Entry” rule in the venue.



According to the organizers, more than 2,000 people attended the event, more than what they expected. There were times that crowd inside the Function Hall were jam-packed especially in front of the stage. The lobby was also crowded with cosplayers and people who wants to take some photos.

As a result, the SMX management and security has resorted to crowd controlling and requested the organizers to temporarily stop selling tickets for the walk-ins. Furthermore, the security was very strict as there were two parallel event being held at SMX on that date.

tamacon_2015 (3)

There were also an incident of theft as one of the concessionaires had lost a bag and cellphone which resulted to bag and body search at the end of the event.

In the end, Tamashii Convention 2015 was a total success.  The organizers and hosts were able to keep the schedule time. There was a baggage booth for all cosplayers attending. Tamashii Con has set the bars for other anime events specially to the seasoned ones to have a better management for its patrons.

Kudos to Nihon Kenkyuu Kai, the organizers of TamaCon for maintaining its level of professionalism. The organizers were well-prepared since the planning of TamaCon 2015. We will not be surprise if next year’s TamaCon can be leveled with major Japan-culture events in the country.

animeph project would like to thank again Nihon Kenkyuu Kai for once again inviting us as one of Tamashii Convention’s media partners.