Doraemon: Nobita and the Space Heroes opens in the Philippines on August 5


During the JPOP Anime Sing and Dance Contest Grand Finals, it was announced that Doraemon’s 36th and latest movie, Doraemon: Nobita’s Space Heroes will open on August 5.

The movie is distributed by ODEX Pte. Ltd and it will screened exclusively by SM Cinema.

The movie was first released in Japan last March 7.

Japanese pop singer Eir Aoi to perform at the Best of Anime 2015

Aside from the earlier announced guest artists, Primetrade Asia, Inc. the organizers of the upcoming The Best of Anime 2015 has revealed that Japanese pop singer Eir Aoi will be performing live at the event.

No details yet on the ticket prices or possible meet and greet.

Eir Aoi is known for her songs in anime series Sword Art Online, Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah Zero and many more. She began her career as an singer during high school. She debuted on October 2011 with her single “Memoria” which was used first ending theme of the 2011 Fate/Zero.

Best of Anime 2015 will take place on September 19-20 at Functions Rooms 2, 3, 4, and 5, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

animeph project is media partner of the Best of Anime 2015

Source: Best of Anime

Joe Inoue, Uchusentai Noiz returns to perform at the Best of Anime 2015


Primetrade Asia, Inc., the organizers of the upcoming Best of Anime 2015, has announced its initial guests for its annual Japanese-culture event.

According to its official Facebook page, the organizers have invited once again popular Japanese artist Joe Inoue and visual kei band Uchusentai Noiz to perform at The Best of Anime 2015 stage.


Aside from Japanese artists, the organizers has also invited Sara – Tousa Bao from Singapore, Hane*Ann and Hyko both from Taiwan as guest cosplayers of the event.

The Best of Anime 2015 will take place on September 19-20, 2015 at SMX Convention Center Manila. is a media of the Best of Anime 2015

VIVA-PSICOM Publishing to release more Filipino-translated manga series

During the Manga and Anime Festival last July 11 at the Megatrade Hall 1 of SM Megamall, VIVA-PSICOM Brand Manager Carmela Castillo has announced that the publishing company is planning to release more manga titles under the Kodansha. According to the report, they will be releasing three or four series to be translated to Filipino.

Furthermore, Arata Yamada and Yohei Tanahashi from Kodansha thanked the audience for the support for the Filipino-translated manga series, Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan. They are hoping to launch more manga next year with VIVA-PSICOM.

SM Cinema announces premiere date for latest Detective Conan movie

SM Cinema has announced the Philippine release date for Detective Conan’s latest anime movie, Detective Conan: The Sunflowers of Inferno.

According to its official Facebook page, the 19th movie of the popular detective anime franchise will open on July 29 exclusively at SM Cinema nationwide.

The movie premiered last April 18 in Japan. It earned JPY 4.1 billion and currently the highest grossing movie for the franchise.

Source: SM Cinema announces guest line up for JAM concert

2015_07_jam_poster has announced its guest line up for its “Japanese Anime Music” or JAM concert at Cosplay Mania ’15 this October.

According to official website, Loverin Tamburin and Aya Ikeda are once again performing on the Cosplay Mania stage as guests. Itsuki Akira from the former three-member girl band Panache will be flying to Manila for the first time to perform also.

It was earlier announced that voice actress and singer Pile is also coming to Cosplay Mania as one of its guests.

Cosplay Mania ’15 will happen on October 3-4, 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Source: Cosplay Mania

Japanese voice actress and singer Pile to perform at Cosplay Mania ’15

2015_07_maki_nishikino has officially announced that Japanese artist Eriko Hori also known for her stage name Pile will be performing at the JAM Concert during Cosplay Mania ’15.

She is also known as the voice actress of Love Live’s Maki Nishikino.

The announcement was first made through a video uploaded at the Facebook page of Nihonsei Project

Cosplay Mania ’15 will take place this coming October 3-4, 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5, SMX Convention Center.

Nihonsei Project

Japanese cosplayer Reika no longer coming to Cosplay Mania ’15

In her Facebook profile, Japanese cosplayer Reika has announced that she is no longer coming as a guest cosplayer for Cosplay Mania ’15 this coming October.

An English translation was posted by one of her commenters which she acknowledged.

My most sincere apologies for deciding not to participate in the event, even though it had already been announced on the guest list.

However, I had made this decision because there were a lot of personal things that I needed to sort out.

“Am I going to participate in a situation like this?” “Am I simply being used as a means of promoting the event?” These are the sort of things I had been feeling since last year.

Since this year started, the staff had been communicating with me mostly in English. Until last year they were contacting me in Japanese, and I had the chance to discuss various things with them.

But now with the language barrier I felt like things were not going the way I had hoped, and I felt I was no longer able to build a good relationship with the staff. It’s very unfortunate to say this, but as such I have decided to not participate this year.

This is solely my own decision, and the I want everyone to know that the organizers of the event were not at fault.

Thank you for your understanding. I can only express my feelings appropriately in Japanese, so I wrote this message in Japanese.”, the organizers of Cosplay Mania ’15 has issued a statement today.

Earlier this month, we announced our first lineup of Guests for Cosplay Mania ’15 including Reika. Like all our confirmed guests, we made every effort to accommodate Reika’s requests, unfortunately she decided that, for personal reasons, she would not be able to attend Cosplay Mania this year. We would like to assure everyone that Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard will still be going to Cosplay Mania this year and that we will also announce more guests in the near future.

The Cosplay Mania staff makes every effort to ensure that the guests are treated well and enjoy their stay in our event in order to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for everyone. We look forward to another amazing event on October 3-4, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City so please check our official event news and announcements for more updates.

Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard are also guest cosplayers of Cosplay Mania ’15.

Reika FB page, Cosplay Mania

Saber Marionette anime project announced

2015_07_saberprojectAnimation Innovation Content (AIC) and creator Hiroshi Negishi in his twitter account has revealed a “Re: Anime Project” for Saber Marionette.

Details on the project will be announced soon.

In a world of only males, they have created female looking marionettes (androids). A handful of them have been given special ‘hearts’ called maiden circuits that give them emotion and human personality. Three of these are found by Otaru, and they soon are caught up in a war against Lord Faust and his 3 ‘human’ marionettes.

Official website

Key’s original anime Charlotte airs on Animax same day as Japan


From the visual studio and producer that brought 2010 popular anime series”Angel Beats!”, Keys and P.A. Works is once again collaborating for the new original anime, which will air in July.

Charlotte will also air on Animax Asia same day as Japan starting July 4 at 12:30AM with an encore broadcast the following day at 8:00PM. It will air in Japanese audio, subtitled in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Thai .

Key’s co-founder Jun Maeda wrote the script and the musical score while fellow Key and “Angel Beats!” colleague Na-Ge(Tari Tari, Another) designed the characters.

The series also feature the voices of Kōki Uchiyama (Raku Ichijou of Nisekoi), Ayane Sakura (Tsubaki Sawabe of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso), Maaya Uchida (Rikka Takanashi of Chuunibyo ) and Takahiro Mizushima (Taichi Yaegashi of Kokoro Connect.)

Charlotte, rumoured to have been based on Maeda’s own early life, is set in an alternate world where a few children come into unusual superpowers upon puberty.  One of the colouful characters is Jōjirō Takajyō, who can move so fast he appears to be teleporting.  There’s also student singer Yusa Nishimori, who can communicate with the dead.  The children are enrolled into Houshinomi Academy, which has its own student council for guiding those who encounter problems with their newfound abilities.  

The protagonist?  Yū Otosaka, an ill-mannered first-year transfer who uses his ability to possess another person’s body for five seconds in order to cheat in his exams.  When Yū meets school council president Nao Tomori, the fate of these extraordinary children begins to unravel.  Will the youthful duo be strong enough to fight their destiny?

-Press Release from Animax Asia

Animax is available on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 07.