Japanese cosplayer Reika no longer coming to Cosplay Mania ’15

In her Facebook profile, Japanese cosplayer Reika has announced that she is no longer coming as a guest cosplayer for Cosplay Mania ’15 this coming October.

An English translation was posted by one of her commenters which she acknowledged.

My most sincere apologies for deciding not to participate in the event, even though it had already been announced on the guest list.

However, I had made this decision because there were a lot of personal things that I needed to sort out.

“Am I going to participate in a situation like this?” “Am I simply being used as a means of promoting the event?” These are the sort of things I had been feeling since last year.

Since this year started, the staff had been communicating with me mostly in English. Until last year they were contacting me in Japanese, and I had the chance to discuss various things with them.

But now with the language barrier I felt like things were not going the way I had hoped, and I felt I was no longer able to build a good relationship with the staff. It’s very unfortunate to say this, but as such I have decided to not participate this year.

This is solely my own decision, and the I want everyone to know that the organizers of the event were not at fault.

Thank you for your understanding. I can only express my feelings appropriately in Japanese, so I wrote this message in Japanese.”

Cosplay.ph, the organizers of Cosplay Mania ’15 has issued a statement today.

Earlier this month, we announced our first lineup of Guests for Cosplay Mania ’15 including Reika. Like all our confirmed guests, we made every effort to accommodate Reika’s requests, unfortunately she decided that, for personal reasons, she would not be able to attend Cosplay Mania this year. We would like to assure everyone that Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard will still be going to Cosplay Mania this year and that we will also announce more guests in the near future.

The Cosplay Mania staff makes every effort to ensure that the guests are treated well and enjoy their stay in our event in order to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for everyone. We look forward to another amazing event on October 3-4, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City so please check our official event news and announcements for more updates.

Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard are also guest cosplayers of Cosplay Mania ’15.

Reika FB page, Cosplay Mania

3 thoughts on “Japanese cosplayer Reika no longer coming to Cosplay Mania ’15

  1. That’s sad. I’m not sure of the exact reasons why she backed out, but it sounded as if she is upset judging from her post. So something might have happened last time she visited, or during her interaction with the organizers. 😦

    I hope Cosplay Mania is really treating their guests well, and not just “promotions” for the event. Treat them as if they’re you’re real guests… and that goes to say, not only during the convention, but also during their whole stay here in the country. Treat them to a nice dinner (I saw that many organizers just treat their guests to Jollibee >_>, nothing wrong with that but, if I had a guest, I’d go for something more local or a bit more with class, like a cozy resto), give them enough time to rest in between convention days, provide translators, and maybe show them around nice places in the city (maybe a mall or theme park) after the event as a “thank you” for gracing your event. So that next time, more guests will be happy to join our cosplay events because of great accommodation. Just my two cents. 🙂 Good luck though. ^_^

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