Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal gets third season

sailormoonThe official website for “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal” has announced that a third season, titled Death Busters-hen, is in production.

The new season will cover the fifth and sixth volumes of Naoko Takeuchi’s Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon original manga. Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Saturn will  make their debut appearances in the series.


AKB48’s Team 8 to visit Manila this November 7-8

2015_09_akb48_team_8_manilaThe official website for AKB48’s Team 8 has announced that AKB48 5th Team will be performing live for the first time in the Manila this November.

Team 8 will be cast during the “Cool Japan Festival” to be held on November 7-8 at the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. Admission is free. The event is organized by Hallo Hallo Alliance and it is intended to promote Japanese pop culture for the Filipino youth.

Idols who are going to make an appearance are (top) Okabe Rin, Shimizu Maria, Nanase Yoshikawa, Erina Oda, Sato Shiori, Ota Nao, (bottom) Yamada Nanami, Momoka Onishi, Tani Yuri, Hamamatsu Riona, Gyouten Yurina, and Fukuchi Reina.


Event Report: AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2015

11401354_685279698243368_902070207701139311_nEveryone is asking, what is AsiaPop Comicon Manila, where did it come from, what kind of event is it?

Well, AsiaPOPComicon (APCC) is an international pop culture convention themed around comics, films, toys and collectibles, animation, games, cosplay, superheroes and everything pop culture. The event will attract several internationally renowed artists, celebrities, and pop-culture icons to various pockets of Asia, starting Manila in the Philippines, and draw the attention or ardent fans. APCC will feature exhibitors from genres of pop culture and top studios from the across the globe, to bring popular brands and exclusive content for the show.

Focusing on delivering the ultimate fan experience, APCC aspires to bring geek culture mainstream and stand tall as a perfect launch pad to unveil new products and first look of movies for the Asia Pacific region providing a galore of potential opportunities for SEs in the entertainment business to mega licensing avenue to reach out to big brands and the vibrant creative pool from APAC. While the event will serve as a mega licensing avenue for studios to establish a direct access to potential clients through B2B networking, the larger purpose of the event will remain the outreach and communication for celebrities and brands with their fans and engage with them on a one-on-one basis.

_DSC0235 _DSC0240 _DSC0241_DSC0245

At around 9:30 in the morning, people are already falling in line for the AsiaPopComicon (APCC) Manila.  People are excited to experience the first ever comicon event here in the Philippines. No one knows what to expect but they know that huge stars flew all the way here to join and witness this awesome event.

_DSC0236 _DSC0239

At exactly 10 in the morning, the gates open to the public. Marshalls of the event are on standby to assist each and every con-goer in case they have any questions. They are given a booklet of the event that contains the event map, the program flow, international guests, Youtube stars, international cosplayers, comic book artists, and many more.

_DSC0242 _DSC0247 _DSC0231

Everyone was welcome to come in and experience this event. People mingle around with the guests in their respective guest area. Having their booklets signed or personal merchandise of the guests. Some take photos with them, have a chat and exchange calling cards or cosplay cards. Everyone get to roam around freely and still have a place to sit or set up for photo shoot since cosplayers roam around the vicinity as well. Marshalls also take the time to take photos of these amazing cosplayers which such good craftsmanship and they get the character’s attitude and poses.

_DSC0532 _DSC0232 _DSC0230 _DSC0559 _DSC0555

What will be the first thing you’ll see when you go inside the halls? MARVEL, Star Wars and many more. While on the other side are two white mini coopers where in the Doodle Art Enthusiasts where the one’s who doodled on them and on the freedom wall right beside it.

_DSC0554 _DSC0553 _DSC0552 _MG_0704

There are a lot of booths around the vicinity, where people can go and build legos, draw at wacom tablets, join in the human Foosball, dance at your hearts content at the dance dance revolution area, check out awesome figurines and comics from Hot Toys and Filbar’s.

_DSC0266 _DSC0269 _DSC0270 _DSC0271 _DSC0273 _DSC0549

While all of this is happening in the halls, in other tent there happens to be the main stage. Where in a conversation with all the special guest of APCC gets to sit down and be with the fans. These fans get the opportunity to see them in the flesh and get to hear their wonderful voice and interact with their favorite and guests.

IMG_3033_DSC0594_DSC0256  _DSC0639

While there are things going on the stage, in the other tent, there are photo ops and autograph sessions happening simultaneously. There are guests where in all you need is to just fall in line and get your picture taken or have your booklet/merchandise signed. There are some guests that you need to settle an amount to have a photo or have your merchandise signed with these A class international guests that came all the way here in the Philippines despite their hectic schedules.

_MG_0694 _MG_0719  _MG_0828 IMG_3018 IMG_3010 _MG_0735

IMG_2996 IMG_2999 _MG_0725

_MG_0862 _DSC0635 _DSC0302

All in all, AsisaPop Comicon is so far the finest event this year. Let’s summarize it one by one:

  • Lines to the ticket booth are well arrange accordingly.
  • People who bought tickets online has a separate booth to claim their ticket and freebies.
  • Marhalls assisted everyone pointing them to the direction of the hall entrance and exit.
  • Bouncers can be seen everywhere. In each corner, in groups of two roaming around, booth areas, comfort rooms, stage area, everywhere you name it!
  • Guest/s get to roam around the vicinity with minor supervision.
  • Attendees get to interact with the guest/s.
  • There is a place for photographers to set up for shoots.
  • Everyone is assisted accordingly.
  • Well organized event.

We where also given the chance to interview some of the guests during the event. The guests are really nice and they are having fun. It is indeed new to the others that they didn’t expect we filipinos will welcome them with open arms and be very considerate for them. Some of the guests would love to come back here and just come here on a vacation and tour around. They are asking if any of you would be willing to accompany and tour them around.

_DSC0540 _DSC0528 _DSC0337 _DSC0579 IMG_2964  _MG_0791

_DSC0601 _MG_0840 IMG_3015

This event won’t be possible without Universal Events and Entertainment,

Universal  Events  &  Entertainment  (UEE),  a  subsidiary  of  Al  Ahli  Holding  Group  is  a  premier  and  dynamicinternational events management company, headquartered in Singapore committed to be the forefront of popculture/comic con events globally. The passionate and dedicated team combined has over 4 decades of eventmanagement experience in the area of pop culture.  Universal Events & Entertainment prides itself in bringing world class celebrations of pop culture globally thatdelivers the ultimate fan experience whilst assisting brands to tap into the pulse of pop culture. We aim to buildand engage communities and fans at our comic cons worldwide. UEE will kick off a series of comic cons eventsglobally in Manila, Abu Dhabi, Korea and USA in the near future.

Also thank you Sir Genson from Full Circle Communications Inc., and lastly would like to thank: Xander Aboc (XanderAboc/Photogaphy) and JM Cruz (Stream Of Images) for helping us cover this wonderful event.

Review: Attack on Titan 2: End of the World


A month after the screening of its first live action movie, Attack on Titan returns to the big screen with the sequel, Attack on Titan 2: End of the World.

SPOILER ALERT! Article can reveal important details of the plot. Continue at your own risk

The movie started with the highlights from the first movie, giving the viewers a chance to review where it left off: a failed mission to close the hole on Wall Maria and the unsure future for protagonist Eren (Haruma Miura) after transforming into a Titan.


Eren, now perceived as a threat, is captured by the legion lead by the Kubal (Jun Kinumura). All rifles are pointed in his direction, ready to shoot. But before they can execute his order, a titan comes down from the roof and snatches Eren away.

Convinced that Eren has met his untimely end with the titan, the remaining members of the legion decides to continue with their original mission of closing the hole in Wall Maria. Armin remembers the dud bomb back in their hometown and suggest that it may still have enough firepower to blast the wall. They take one of the trucks and make their way to the Monzen district.


Meanwhile, Eren wakes up in a strange white room where a single jukebox was playing “The End of The World” by Skeeter Davis. Shikishima appears out of nowhere and explains to Eren the origin of the titans.

Back with the Hanji and her team, they successfully extract the dud bomb and transport it back to the wall.  They are stopped by Shikishima and his men who plan to destroy the inner walls using the stolen ammunition. Eren engages into a titan battle with Shikishima to protect the dud bomb.


They managed to escape Shikishima and plant the bomb on the wall.  But their problems does not stop there. The Colossal Titan appears at the other side of the wall and tries to stop the bomb from exploding. Shikishima makes a surprise re-appearance and fights the Colossal Titan. The bomb explodes, taking the two titans with it. Wall Maria is plugged up and the humans can live in peace once more.


The end of the movie left us with more questions than answers. The existence of the “white room”, the origins of the Titans, and the government conspiracy is just a few of these. The story line was too fast paced that it gave little room for the story and characters to develop. And the surprise in the after credits leaves you wondering if everything they went through was just a part of a vicious cycle that they are destined to repeat in the near future.

Attack on Titan 2: End of the World still showing in Philippine cinemas.

animeph project would like to thank Pioneers Films and Magic 89.9 for the invitation in the advance screening of Attack on Titan: End of World live-action movie

All photos from Youtube

Eir Aoi’s Fan Meet and The Best of Anime 2015 Concert


From Eir Aoi’s Facebook page

After Lisa’s first ever concert in Manila, another milestone has been reached in the local ani-concert scene when Japanese anisong artist Eir Aoi performed her first Philippine mini-concert last September 20 at Function Rms 1 & 2, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Eir Aoi is known for her theme songs in anime series such as Sword Art Online and Kill La Kill. Her song, “Lapis Lazuri” is also the theme song for the currently airing Arslan Senki.

The 27-year old artist from Hokkaido arrived in Manila few hours before her concert. She described the Filipinos as “very generous and kind” during her fan meet held near the concert venue.

In the interview with the fans, she revealed that her favorite anime character is Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. She loves the series so much that if the sequel manga “Tokyo Ghoul:re” will be animated, she would like to sing the theme song.

Aside from Kaneki, she also likes Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, Narsus from Arslan Senki, Caster from Fate/Zero and Kirito from Sword Art Online.

She also revealed that her favorite computer games are Dragon’s Dogma Online and Battlefield.

When asked about her singing career, she mentioned that the singer/group “Do As Infinity” (who played “Fukai Mori” from Inuyasha) was her biggest influence. During her student life, American bands Slipknot and Evanescence inspired her to pursue a singing career.

In the future, she would like to collaborate with another anisong artist, particularly LiSA. She is also looking forward to singing with an artist from the Philippines.

Before leaving Manila, she is planning to go around the area and if given a chance again, she wants to perform again here in the Philippines.

Days prior her concert in Manila, she was reported to have been hospitalized for a few days due to aspiration pneumonia. Many fans were worried that the concert would be cancelled. Everyone was relieved when reports announcing her recovery came and that the concert would push through as scheduled.

For the opening act, Joe Inoue got the crowd pumped up with his hilarious antics in between song numbers. Aside from the Naruto theme songs like Closer, Joe also sung his infamous Oppai song and Philippines, the song he dedicates to all his Filipino fans.

The energy rose higher as the visual kei rock band Uchusentai:Noiz rocked the stage. Famous for creating their own version of Filipino songs, their set list included Superhero, Liwanag sa Dilim, Pinoy Ako and Narda. Also included in their set list were Happy Tied, Sentimental Drop Kick and Kanata.

After a few minutes, the most awaited Eir Aoir appeared on stage. Among the songs she performed were “Innocence” and “Niji no Oto” from Sword Art Online, “Sirius” from Kill la Kill, “Aurora” from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and “Lapis Lazuri” from Arslan Senki.

The concert ended with Sword Art Online II’s opening theme song”Ignite” that definitely ignited  the spirits of everyone. The audience gave it all with their light sticks, jumped to the tune and sang with her until the last minutes of the song.

Primetrade Asia, Inc. President Irene Lloren gave Eir Aoi a gift, a miniature jeep at the end of the concert.

Catch Eir Aoi again this October 3  at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel for her Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD!- IN SINGAPORE

AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2015: Five reasons to check it out

asia pop comicon bannerAsia’s biggest and “baddest” international pop-culture convention, AsiaPop Comicon Manila 2015 has started yesterday with lots of great thing waiting for the public.

The first day was only open to professionals and to the media so we  had a glimpse of what’s people gonna see in the following days.

Life-size figures in display and Bernie the Gorilla

Comic book giant Marvel have provided life size figures of its famous superheroes such as Ironman, the Hulk and others.

Academy Award-winning character effects studio house, Studio ADI showcased their predator and alien figures. The studio also brought Bernie the Gorilla in their booth.

Comicave Studio has brought its life size Hulkbuster’ armor.

International guests

AsiaPop Comicon Manila is going to a star-studded event as Hollywood are going to verge at the event. Come and get the chance to meet and greet celebrities Paul Bettany, Nathalie Emmanuel, Colton Haynes, Allison Harvard, Jeremy Shada and his band Make Out Monday.

Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (The CAGE)

APCC Manila will be hosting the Cosplay Authority Global Challenge (The CAGE) this coming weekend. The champion of the competition will receive a record-breaking USD 10,000.

The judges are a mix of renowned personalities locally and internationally, headed by Alodia Gosiengfiao and cosplay photographer Jay Tamblante. US-based cosplayer VampyBit Me and actress/model Allison Harvard are also among the judges.

Comic book artists

A comic convention will never be as such without the comic book artists. APCC Manila has invited foreign and as well as our very pool of very creative artists. Present at the event are American David Mack and Marvel’s David Yardin.

Headlining the Comic Artist Alley are Carlo Jose San Juan, Miguel Angelo Mercado, Aaron Felizmenio and Vincent Trinidad. Veteran comic book artist Whilce Portacio, Carlo Pagulayan, Leinil Yu, Mark Torres, Mico Suayan and Stephen are also guests.

Toys, toys and a lot of toys

There are definitely a lot of toys you can mesmerize at the event. From the usual toy figures to unusual items you can find. There are also toy designers who are invited such as J’Ryu and Tokidoki founder Simone Legno.

The event will run until September 20 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Tickets are already available onsite.

Best of Anime 2015: What to expect


It’s one day to go as one of the biggest and most anticipated Japanese pop-culture convention, The Best of Anime 2015 is going to happen at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City this coming weekend.


This year’s Best of Anime is definitely special as Primetrade Asia, Inc., the organizers of the Best of Anime series and the Manila International Book Fair, has invited Japanese pop singer Eir Aoi to perform on stage. Eir Aoi is very known for her songs associated to anime series such “fate/Zero,” “Sword Art Online,” “Aldnoah Zero” and the recent “Arslan Senki” series.


She will be performing live on September 20 at Function Room 1 and 2. Official Eir Aoi merchandise are also available onsite. You can reserve one by filling up the reservation form.

Performance from JAPANESE ARTISTS and International Cosplayers

Apart from Eir Aoi, the organizers have also invited former guests – Japanese-American rock singer Joe Inoue, visual kei band Uchusentai NOIZ and; all-girl fantasy idol group and anisong singers STARMARIE to once again grace the Best of Anime stage.

International cosplayers from Singapore Sara Tousa Bao and Taiwan’s Hane*Ann and Hyko are also coming to the event.

Attendees can have an opportunity to meet and greet each guest for a fee.

Be the next World Cosplay Champion

The Best of Anime 2015 will also host the 2016 NCR Qualifier of the World Cosplay Summit Philippines.


The winner of this qualifier will fly to Davao for the WCS PH National Qualifier to determine who will represent the Philippines to the world-renowned cosplay competition, the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.

The event will also feature its home-stay activities such as the Quick Draw Contest, Battle of the Bands, BOA Superstar Karaoke Competition, All Star Cosplay Competition and Inter-School Cosplay Competition Championships.

Otaku Merchandise available has listed down 26 stores who will be providing the otaku goods at the event. The merchandise varies from costumes, anime accessories, anime cards, stuff toys, and many more.

Entrance and Meet & Greet tickets are currently available online through their ticket service provider TAG77. Tickets will also be available the event itself.

For more information and inquiries, you can send them a private message at their official Facebook page.

The Best of Anime 2015 will take place at Function Rm 1, 2, 3, 4 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. animeph project is one of the online media partners of the Best of Anime 2015.

Maria Ozawa launches photobook at MIBF

2015_09_maria_ozawaFormer Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa will be launching her photobook titled “Ozawa” at the Manila International Book Fair this week.

She is scheduled to have a book signing session on Saturday, September 19 at Booth Nos. 384-391 from 5:30PM to 7PM.

Ozawa made her first visit to the Philippines last April.

“Best of Anime 2015” updates ticket guide and policies


Photo from

Primetrade Asia, Inc., the organizers of the upcoming Best of Anime and Manila International Book Fair has announced details on the policies and guides to be implemented at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

For attendees going to the Best of Anime 2015, they will be using the left-main Entrance and the Left-side entrance of the convention center while attendees of the Manila International Book Fair and Digitech Manila will pass through the Right-side entrance and also the right-main entrance.

Furthermore, it was also announced that the event tickets will now be available at the third floor pre-function lobby of venue. With this, attendees without event tickets are now allowed to go inside the venue to purchase tickets, however, the organizers have specified that loitering along the lobby is prohibited.

Best of Anime 2015 tickets are only available at the event itself.

There will be marshals deployed at the entrance and function lobbies who will be assisting the public and control the crowd outside the halls.

It was earlier reported that SMX Management and Primetrade Asia, the organizers of the Best of Anime and Manila International Book Fair will again enforce the “No Ticket , No Entry” policy.

The Best of Anime 2015 will be held this September 19 -20 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. animeph project is among the official online media partners.


CONFIRMED: Japanese cosplayers Reika and Cheru going to Davao next year

reika cosplayer

Event organizer Ambox Davao has finally confirmed that famous Japanese cosplayer Reika will be coming to Davao next year.

Reika, along with her cosplay partner Cheru, will be at SM Davao for the World Cosplay Summit Philippines Mindanao Conference this February 20-21, 2016. She is set to judge the WCSPH Mindanao Qualifiers and perform onstage.

There is also a meet and greet with her. Check out the details below:

 Update 9/13 1530H: Corrected Cheru’s World Cosplay account

World Cosplay Summit 2016 event date announced


The World Cosplay Summit committee has announced the date for its next year’s annual international cosplay event. WCS 2016 will be held from July 29 to August 7 next year.

Along with the announcement, they also have released a two-minute trailer for event.

As of 2015, twenty-six (26) representatives from various countries around the world competed to become the World Cosplay Summit Champion. Team Mexico won this year.

“Senpai to Kanojo” live action movie trailer streamed


The first trailer for the live-action “Senpai to Kanojo” film has been streamed. The trailer features the movie theme song, “Aizu” (Home) performed by aiko.

The film is set to release in Japan on October 17.

Rika Tsuzuki (Kyoko Yoshine) is a first year high school student. She is in love with third year high school student Keigo Minohara (Jun Shison). Meanwhile, Keigo Minohara is secretly in love with Aoi Okita (Riria). She attended the same high school and is now a first year university student. (Asianwiki)

STARMARIE holds fan meeting before “Best of Anime 2015”

starmarie (20)

Starmarie has announced that the idol group will be holding a fan meeting in Manila on September 18, 5PM-7PM at Meeting Room 5, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.  Entrance fee is Php200. More details to announce soon.

Starmarie is one of the guests of the Best of Anime 2015 event the next day.

Starmarie is a five-member, all female idol group, known for their ‘death’ songs or sad and dark songs with an uptempo beat. The group already performed many time in Manila.

New visual and trailer for “Owarimonogatari” released


The official website for Owarimonogatari anime has released the latest promotional video and key visual for the upcoming Fall anime

Hiroshi Kamiya and Kaori Mizuhashi will return to reprise their roles as Koyomi Araragi and Ougi Oshino. Marina Inoue joins the cast to voice the new character Sodachi-Oikura.

The series will premiere on October 3.