Eir Aoi’s Fan Meet and The Best of Anime 2015 Concert


From Eir Aoi’s Facebook page

After Lisa’s first ever concert in Manila, another milestone has been reached in the local ani-concert scene when Japanese anisong artist Eir Aoi performed her first Philippine mini-concert last September 20 at Function Rms 1 & 2, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Eir Aoi is known for her theme songs in anime series such as Sword Art Online and Kill La Kill. Her song, “Lapis Lazuri” is also the theme song for the currently airing Arslan Senki.

The 27-year old artist from Hokkaido arrived in Manila few hours before her concert. She described the Filipinos as “very generous and kind” during her fan meet held near the concert venue.

In the interview with the fans, she revealed that her favorite anime character is Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. She loves the series so much that if the sequel manga “Tokyo Ghoul:re” will be animated, she would like to sing the theme song.

Aside from Kaneki, she also likes Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill, Narsus from Arslan Senki, Caster from Fate/Zero and Kirito from Sword Art Online.

She also revealed that her favorite computer games are Dragon’s Dogma Online and Battlefield.

When asked about her singing career, she mentioned that the singer/group “Do As Infinity” (who played “Fukai Mori” from Inuyasha) was her biggest influence. During her student life, American bands Slipknot and Evanescence inspired her to pursue a singing career.

In the future, she would like to collaborate with another anisong artist, particularly LiSA. She is also looking forward to singing with an artist from the Philippines.

Before leaving Manila, she is planning to go around the area and if given a chance again, she wants to perform again here in the Philippines.

Days prior her concert in Manila, she was reported to have been hospitalized for a few days due to aspiration pneumonia. Many fans were worried that the concert would be cancelled. Everyone was relieved when reports announcing her recovery came and that the concert would push through as scheduled.

For the opening act, Joe Inoue got the crowd pumped up with his hilarious antics in between song numbers. Aside from the Naruto theme songs like Closer, Joe also sung his infamous Oppai song and Philippines, the song he dedicates to all his Filipino fans.

The energy rose higher as the visual kei rock band Uchusentai:Noiz rocked the stage. Famous for creating their own version of Filipino songs, their set list included Superhero, Liwanag sa Dilim, Pinoy Ako and Narda. Also included in their set list were Happy Tied, Sentimental Drop Kick and Kanata.

After a few minutes, the most awaited Eir Aoir appeared on stage. Among the songs she performed were “Innocence” and “Niji no Oto” from Sword Art Online, “Sirius” from Kill la Kill, “Aurora” from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and “Lapis Lazuri” from Arslan Senki.

The concert ended with Sword Art Online II’s opening theme song”Ignite” that definitely ignited  the spirits of everyone. The audience gave it all with their light sticks, jumped to the tune and sang with her until the last minutes of the song.

Primetrade Asia, Inc. President Irene Lloren gave Eir Aoi a gift, a miniature jeep at the end of the concert.

Catch Eir Aoi again this October 3  at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel for her Eir Aoi World Tour 2015 -ROCK THE WORLD!- IN SINGAPORE