Review: Attack on Titan 2: End of the World


A month after the screening of its first live action movie, Attack on Titan returns to the big screen with the sequel, Attack on Titan 2: End of the World.

SPOILER ALERT! Article can reveal important details of the plot. Continue at your own risk

The movie started with the highlights from the first movie, giving the viewers a chance to review where it left off: a failed mission to close the hole on Wall Maria and the unsure future for protagonist Eren (Haruma Miura) after transforming into a Titan.


Eren, now perceived as a threat, is captured by the legion lead by the Kubal (Jun Kinumura). All rifles are pointed in his direction, ready to shoot. But before they can execute his order, a titan comes down from the roof and snatches Eren away.

Convinced that Eren has met his untimely end with the titan, the remaining members of the legion decides to continue with their original mission of closing the hole in Wall Maria. Armin remembers the dud bomb back in their hometown and suggest that it may still have enough firepower to blast the wall. They take one of the trucks and make their way to the Monzen district.


Meanwhile, Eren wakes up in a strange white room where a single jukebox was playing “The End of The World” by Skeeter Davis. Shikishima appears out of nowhere and explains to Eren the origin of the titans.

Back with the Hanji and her team, they successfully extract the dud bomb and transport it back to the wall.  They are stopped by Shikishima and his men who plan to destroy the inner walls using the stolen ammunition. Eren engages into a titan battle with Shikishima to protect the dud bomb.


They managed to escape Shikishima and plant the bomb on the wall.  But their problems does not stop there. The Colossal Titan appears at the other side of the wall and tries to stop the bomb from exploding. Shikishima makes a surprise re-appearance and fights the Colossal Titan. The bomb explodes, taking the two titans with it. Wall Maria is plugged up and the humans can live in peace once more.


The end of the movie left us with more questions than answers. The existence of the “white room”, the origins of the Titans, and the government conspiracy is just a few of these. The story line was too fast paced that it gave little room for the story and characters to develop. And the surprise in the after credits leaves you wondering if everything they went through was just a part of a vicious cycle that they are destined to repeat in the near future.

Attack on Titan 2: End of the World still showing in Philippine cinemas.

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