“Cool Japan Festival 2015” set this November


On November 7-8, Japanese multi-national company HalloHallo Inc., will be holding its grand festival event at Trinoma Mall in Quezon City.

According to their official website, “Cool Japan Festival” is a two-day event which aims to further promote cultural and economic exchange and friendship between the Philippines and Japan.

The event will highlight the first appearance of the renowned idol group AKB48 Team 8 in the Philippines and Japanese drum performance by drumming group from Japan, “Tokoro Taiko.

International cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao will be performing a cosplay show with the up and coming Japanese idol group, Akishibu Project. There is also a live show from Filipino girl quintet unit “Kawaii5” as they promote NHK’s television drama “Amachan,” which already airing in the Philippines.


Attendees can have an opportunity to be up close with Japanese culture as the event will have various booth and displays such as ‘The Real Sushi Nigiri Experience Show.”

There will be also a “drawing aquarium” for kids and Team Lab Camera for adults. At Team Lab Camera, visitors stand in front of a camera that automatically detects their presence, takes a photo then automatically alters the image.

The event will also recreate the street food stalls or “yatai” like those seen in Japanese local festivals.

Moreover, as preview of the planned “Cool Japan Mall,” Japan specialty store Cool Japan Shop will also be selling and displaying merchandise unique to the Japanese market.


“Hello Kitty” will also make a special appearance at the event.

Hallo Hallo, Inc. is a Japanese owned e-commerce-focused business which offers various online services to make the lives of Filipinos easier. It was founded in 2012 by Japanese businessman Yasunari Okada.


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