The Gold Ticket Awards is back

The award body that celebrates pop culture conventions is making its return to pick the best events and conventions in the world of western pop culture, otaku, video gaming and more.

2015 has been a big year, with more events that celebrate the fandom of different communities, and as the community grows bigger, so does the conventions that cater towards them.

Just like last year, the Gold Ticket Committee aims to honor the event organizers on their effort to provide the event experience to their loyal community and setting as an example of high quality conventions.

With a slightly new name and with more dedication in honoring these passionate organizers, the panelists from last year will return along with a newcomer that will decide on who should deserve to be given recognition in providing their community the events that they deserved.

The panelists are the following:

·         Anime blog Anime PH Project

·         Cosplay blogs The Cosplay Café and Otakista

·         Gaming blogs Back2Gaming and Reimaru Files

·         Geek blog What’s A Geek

·         Tech blog TechPorn

·         Event Schedule page Otaku Events

Picking the finalists for the different categories are based on overall presentation of the event, proper utilization of the venue, con-goer experience, number of attendees and the value for the con-goers’ money.

The finalists for each categories will be revealed in the coming days with the reveal of the winners at the end of the month. The People’s Choice voting will also return where the community of different scenes will choose for their best overall event.

You can visit the website for updates on the Gold Ticket Awards 2015 by heading to this