Interview with FLOW at Ozine Fest 2016


For the first time, Japanese rock band FLOW visited Manila last April 16 for their live performance and fan meet & greet at Ozine Fest 2016.

Some members of the online media were given an opportunity to interview them. Check them out after the jump:

How do you find your Filipino fans so far?

  • They haven’t met them yet. In their Facebook page, there are a lot of Filipino fans and they would glad to meet them.

What is music for FLOW?

  • Life and energy

What is your first impression of the Philippines?

  • It’s hot. From airport to hotel, the sky is very blue. It is very beautiful.

What is your inspiration in your music?

  • They are inspired by their fans that enjoy their concerts and live performance.

Where do you draw your inspiration when writing your songs?

  • The band will first understand or consider the theme of anime or game before composing it.

What have you felt after recording COLORS (opening theme song of Code Geass) ?

  • They went to South America for a concert and saw cardboard sign that says “Jibun Wooo.” The band was very surprised and felt that they were able to send their message to the world.

What do they feel about foreigners or non-Japanese fans singing to their songs?

  • They really feel glad especially when non-Japanese fans start learning the language just to understand

Among the songs you sang, what is your favorite?

  • Sign, COLORS, GO!!!

Should we expect a new song in the near future?

  • They said that they are going to release two songs in the summer, one for anime (Tales of Zestiria the X ); and one for game (Tales of Berseria ). They also said to check their official homepage for updates.

Are there any genres that the band wants to try?

  • FLOW’s music is a fusion of various genres. They don’t focus on just only one genre.

What is your message to the Filipino fans?

  • Since this their first time in the Philippines, they’d like to enjoy it and they’d like give their best to make their Filipino fans enjoy the performances. They also hope that this is not the last performance here. They hoping for more to come

To FLOW and the organizers of Ozine Fest 2016, thank you very much.

Hope to see you perform again soon in upcoming event.