AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016: Day 1

It has been more than a month already since the most awaited event happened last August 2016, AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016. This was the most anticipated event of the year since everyone who missed it last year is wishing to come to this event this year. People saving up for the tickets for the said meet and greet, photo session of the most awaited A-list international stars that they’ll be bringing here to Manila. For cosplayers, preparing the Cosplay Authority Global Challenge or so known as CAGE, for the awesome competition plus the amazing prize that is awaiting for them. And especially, con-goers who are a huge fan for the Westernize conventions, aspring comic book artists finally meet their idols face-to-face and especially get to interact with them plus as for some tips regarding their artwork.

AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 was held at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia last August 26-28, 2016. A 3-day event full of huge pop culture the event has seen. impressive international stars list, international cosplayers, and amazing attractions that the community hasn’t seen here in the Philippines.

Let’t start off on Day 1, August 26, there are a lot of activities line-up at the centre stage. The first thing you’ll notice is a wrestling ring in the middle of the event. For wrestling fans here in the Philippines, yes we do have a wrestling team here and they are the Philippine Wrestling Revolution also known as PWR. They have scheduled shows every month in different locations so if you wish to watch their shows, just go to their facebook page at:


I may they are good since I’ve been attending some of their shows. Really entertaining I may say. You’ll feel the hype. They have an upcoming show that will be held at the Bayahinan Center, Pasig City, Philippines on October 8, 2016. The show is called: PWR: Renaissance. Judging by the name it seems a lot of revelation will be happening.

Aside from the wrestling ring, there are a lot of booths in the event center. There is a skateboard area, an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, an artist corner where you’ll find the comicbook artists that AsiaPOP Comicon brought here in Manila just for you also local artists that are catering their marvelous artworks in a postcard, a shirt, a mug and many merchandise which you can support them by buying their products on site. There is also a play area section for your kids, and yes you can bring your kids to the event and enjoy as much as you enjoy the event.

Also, they have the Magic The Gathering, where in they’ll teach you to play the game, have a couple of games with others, and the best part is that you take home the deck they have given you to play.


There are a lot of things you can actually do at the event area. I wasn’t able to tour each side because there are a lot of booths which you can try.

And of course, who would forget, there are amazing cosplayers that where at the event. They are showing their crafts. Amazing crafts I may say. They really prepared for this awesome event. Happy that a lot of people knows who they are cosplaying and from what series/movie they are from. Here are some of the cosplayers on Day 1.

Over all, Day 1 is very amazing, a lot of things happening on the centre stage, the PWR wrestling match is such a hype everyone can’t wait for Day 2 and 3, what they have to offer for the event. Amazing booths, amazing cosplayers, amazing artist area. I may say it is an event worth remembering by and worth coming every year.

We would like to thank AsiaPOP Comicon for once again getting us as their Online Media/Blog Partner for their awesome event.

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