Cosplay Mania 2016: First wave of Guest Reveals!

Cosplay Mania is the Philippine’s premiere event for cosplay and cosplaying enthusiasts — with more than 25,000 attendees for last year’s two-day event. This year, Cosplay Mania celebrates over fifteen years of Philippine cosplaysince the hobby’s humble local beginnings in 2000.

The First Wave of Cosplay Mania 2016 guests are here! LIKE, SHARE and TAG your friends who have been waiting for this incredible news! Meet and Greet (M&G) Tickets announcements to follow so stay tuned.

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Cosplay Mania 2016 will be on October 1-2, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center Manila next to SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.



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Meet and greet with Ladybeard at Cosplay Mania ’15


He may look intimidating with his muscular physique and striking stare but the multi-talented wrestler/cosplayer/heavy metal rock star Ladybeard was not afraid to show off his kawaii side during the Meet and Greet held at the Meeting Room 2 in the SMX Convention Hall, Pasay City.

The Meet and Greet was divided into two sessions.  We were able to arrive just in time for the 2nd session at 4:30PM. There was already a line forming in front of the Meet and Greet room 30 minutes before the doors were opened.

Official Ladybeard merchandise were made available at the booth and only the official merchandise will be allowed for autograph signing. Some of the merchandise were a fan with Ladybeard as Sailor Moon, a hologram Ladybeard in Wonderland poster,  2-shots of Polaroid pictures, and a manga where Ladybeard himself was the protagonist.

Fans cheered in delight when Ladybeard revealed himself on-stage wearing his famous Chun Li (Street Fighter) costume. He was very sweet and always showed appreciation towards his fans through hugs or by complimenting on their looks. He was also very energetic when answering their questions, some of which were as follows:


Ladybeard in his Chunli costume during the Meet and Greet session

  • How long does it take for you to grow your beard after shaving?
    First and foremost, if you want to grow a beard, you never shave. Shaving is not an option. But I trim my beard when it gets too long in about 4 weeks.
  • What was your most memorable wrestling experience?
    There was a time that I was one-on-one with this Japanese wrestler from the same wrestling company I am currently under. He was known as the Headbutt guy. During our one-on-one I got hit so hard by his headbutt that I actually saw stars. It felt a lot like that I was hit by a bus.
  • How do you take care of your hair?
    I bathe daily in a mixture of mashed avocados and milk that is constantly stirred by my servant rats– I use shampoo and conditioner.
  • If you were to be a part of a movie, what movie genre would you like to do?
    I’d like to do an action movie. I’d also like to do a romantic comedy type of movie. A RomAcCom movie.
  • Why did you decide to cosplay like a girl?
    Because it’s fun! The first time I wore a dress was when I was 14. I borrowed my sister’s school dress and went to a costume party. Everyone thought that it was hilarious. It feels awesome to wear a dress. It gives a lot of freedom of movement, which is a huge advantage especially when I am fighting in the ring.
  • What made you decide to shift from wrestling to cosplay?
    We thought it would be funny to wrestle while wearing a dress. But what really got me into cosplay was when someone suggested that I wear a Sailor Moon costume in celebration of the anime’s anniversary.
  • Which anime character do you enjoy cosplaying as?
    I really love cosplaying as Chun Li!
  • Do you know the Australian band “The Beards”?
    *starts to sing the chorus of “If your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard Then You Got Two Moms”* Yes! I know them! They are one of the famous bands in Australia and in fact I went to college with 3 of them.
  • What is your signature wrestling move?
    It’s called Women’s Liberation. I can’t really demonstrate right now but it’s a combination of a jump spin kick. It’s similar to the move called Choco Paradise.

In between questions, he would share a tidbit about his life. One of which was when he revealed that this was not his first time in the Philippines. For some time, Ladybeard also stayed in Cebu. Though he admits that he had forgotten all of his Cebuano as it had been many years ago.

He shared another trivia about him when one of the fans referred to him as “Ladybeard-sempai”. His manager, Naoko Tachibana, couldn’t help but be curious as to why we refer to him as such. Ladybeard acted as an impromptu translator  and translated her message to the fans. He explained to the audience that in other parts of the world, he is called using the honorific “-chan” (probably in reference to his own personal description of being a 5-year-old Japanese girl trapped in the body of an Australian man). It is only in the US and the Philippines where he is referred using the honorific “-sempai”.

Photo session and autograph signing followed after the Q&A. Ladybeard greeted and hugged each fan that came on stage while his manager took the pictures.  After the autograph signing, he gathered all the fans onstage for a group picture.


Ladybeard during the concert

Even though I’ve been to a Meet and Greet event before, I still have very little knowledge of the rules the should be followed for events like this. The Meet and Greet House Rules was posted on the official website but it was simply not enough. Though there were efforts to remind the rules during the session, I suggest that in every Meet and Greet, the organizers can hand out a flyer with information about the guest and the house rules to prepare the audience for what is ahead. These can be distributed upon claiming of stubs, packaged together with purchased merchandise and/or upon entry in the Meet and Greet area.

Overall, the organizers did their best to make the Meet and Greet experience memorable and enjoyable for both the guests and the fans. I can’t wait to find out who makes it to their guest list next year!

Hana and Baozi photo session at Cosplay Mania ’15 will be limited


Cosplay Mania ’15 organizers has issued an important announcement regarding the upcoming Meet and Greet session with Chinese cosplayers Hana and Baozi.

According to their official Facebook page, Hana and Baozi will only be able to provide a limited number of photo ops during their Meet and Greet session due to health reason. The two cosplayers will try their best to accommodate as many people.

Full details below:

Ying Tze completes Cosplay Mania ’15 guest line-up


Malaysian cosplayer Ying Tze will again gracing her fans in the Philippines as she joins this year’s biggest “cosplay-centric” event in the country, Cosplay Mania ’15. This will be her third time visiting the country. The first one was in Ozine Fest in 2014.

According to the event’s official Facebook page, Ying Tze will also hold a meet and greet session on October 3 at 12:30PM and October 4 at 11AM. Tickets are priced at Php700.


Ticket selling will start at August 31, 2015 and are available at SM Tickets outlets located at SM Cinema branches nationwide and at

A seasoned cosplayer and fashion designer, Ying Tze is known for her accurate cosplays such as of Danny Choo’s Mirai Suenaga, Nozomi of Love Live!, Junko Enoshima of Dangan Rompa and Ahri of League of Legends.

The inclusion of Ying Tze will complete the Cosplay Mania’s guest line-up after Japanese cosplayer Reika no longer coming to the event.

Cosplay Mania ’15 will take place this coming October 3-4 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Meet and Greet Madness with South Korean cosplayer TUNA


After her first appearance in the Ozine fest last April, TUNA was able to meet her fans again at the Meet and Greet Madness session held last July 18 at Meeting Room 1, SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier.

The event consisted of two sessions, 1PM and 4PM and animephproject covered the earlier session. Among the merchandise available were some of her photos cosplaying as characters of various series. Her photo books were also available during the event.


The meet and greet session started with TUNA appeared onstage cosplaying Ranko Kanzaki of Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls, and the question and answer session followed.

Questions like:

  • What make up line do you use/recommend?

I don’t like using bold makeup. Any make up brand is fine. But I usually use Korean brand make ups like those from Etude House, Face Shop and Misha.

  • You have just released your first photobook. What are your tips for other cosplayers who are interested in doing a photoshoot?

Have a good communication with your photographers. It is best if you share opinions on the products and/or cosplay related stuff.

  • Where do you usually do your photoshoot?

I talk with my photographer about the location. It usually depends on what character I am going to cosplay. We discuss about the location together. The most important thing is that the place matches the character and/or costume.

The meet and greet ended with some fans took shots of the pretty cosplayer.


Another Meet and Greet Madness event is set this September 5 at SMX Convention Center Taguig.

You can check more photos from the event here. announces guest line up for JAM concert

2015_07_jam_poster has announced its guest line up for its “Japanese Anime Music” or JAM concert at Cosplay Mania ’15 this October.

According to official website, Loverin Tamburin and Aya Ikeda are once again performing on the Cosplay Mania stage as guests. Itsuki Akira from the former three-member girl band Panache will be flying to Manila for the first time to perform also.

It was earlier announced that voice actress and singer Pile is also coming to Cosplay Mania as one of its guests.

Cosplay Mania ’15 will happen on October 3-4, 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Source: Cosplay Mania

Japanese voice actress and singer Pile to perform at Cosplay Mania ’15

2015_07_maki_nishikino has officially announced that Japanese artist Eriko Hori also known for her stage name Pile will be performing at the JAM Concert during Cosplay Mania ’15.

She is also known as the voice actress of Love Live’s Maki Nishikino.

The announcement was first made through a video uploaded at the Facebook page of Nihonsei Project

Cosplay Mania ’15 will take place this coming October 3-4, 2015 at Function Rooms 2-5, SMX Convention Center.

Nihonsei Project

Japanese cosplayer Reika no longer coming to Cosplay Mania ’15

In her Facebook profile, Japanese cosplayer Reika has announced that she is no longer coming as a guest cosplayer for Cosplay Mania ’15 this coming October.

An English translation was posted by one of her commenters which she acknowledged.

My most sincere apologies for deciding not to participate in the event, even though it had already been announced on the guest list.

However, I had made this decision because there were a lot of personal things that I needed to sort out.

“Am I going to participate in a situation like this?” “Am I simply being used as a means of promoting the event?” These are the sort of things I had been feeling since last year.

Since this year started, the staff had been communicating with me mostly in English. Until last year they were contacting me in Japanese, and I had the chance to discuss various things with them.

But now with the language barrier I felt like things were not going the way I had hoped, and I felt I was no longer able to build a good relationship with the staff. It’s very unfortunate to say this, but as such I have decided to not participate this year.

This is solely my own decision, and the I want everyone to know that the organizers of the event were not at fault.

Thank you for your understanding. I can only express my feelings appropriately in Japanese, so I wrote this message in Japanese.”, the organizers of Cosplay Mania ’15 has issued a statement today.

Earlier this month, we announced our first lineup of Guests for Cosplay Mania ’15 including Reika. Like all our confirmed guests, we made every effort to accommodate Reika’s requests, unfortunately she decided that, for personal reasons, she would not be able to attend Cosplay Mania this year. We would like to assure everyone that Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard will still be going to Cosplay Mania this year and that we will also announce more guests in the near future.

The Cosplay Mania staff makes every effort to ensure that the guests are treated well and enjoy their stay in our event in order to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for everyone. We look forward to another amazing event on October 3-4, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City so please check our official event news and announcements for more updates.

Kaname, Hana, Baozi and Ladybeard are also guest cosplayers of Cosplay Mania ’15.

Reika FB page, Cosplay Mania announces ticket-tier for Cosplay Mania ’15

Local event organizer has announced yesterday (May 11) the ticket prices for the upcoming Cosplay Mania ’15 event.

The ticket-tier will comprise of three prices, mainly Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Bronze ticket, worth Php 198 for one day, will give the holder access to the “Dealers’ Hall” while the Silver ticket, worth Php 298, will give the  holder access for both the “Dealers’ Hall” and the Stage Area.

The Gold ticket, worth Php498 for one day, will allow holders access to all Halls, including the JAM Concert.  Ticket holders also have privileges to use the dressing room and baggage counter for free.

One can upgrade their Bronze and Silver tickets at the event itself with a corresponding fee.


Tickets will be available soon at and in all SM Tickets outlets nationwide .

Cosplay Mania ’15 will take place on October 3-4, 2015, Function Rooms 2-5 and Meeting Rooms 2-9, SMX Convention Center Manila.

Cosplay Mania

Team Philippines bags Runner-up place in AFA RCC Championships 2014

Team Philippines bagged second place in the recent AFA Regional Cosplay Championships (ARCC) 2014 held in Singapore.

Team Kanor Cubes is composed of Abraham Cruz and Louise G. Betita and they performed at the AFA stage as characters from classic anime series Bt’X. TThe team competed against Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and the defending champions, Indonesia.

Team Indonesia again took the championship this year while Singapore bagged second runner-up place.

Source: Youtube

Cosplay Mania JAM Concert – A Recap

After the Cosplay Mania ’14 main activities, kicked off its first ever anisong concert, the Japanese Anime Music (J.A.M) concert at the night of October 4-5 in the Main Stage, Function Room 5 of SMX Manila.

The two-day concert featured its headliner anisong artists Loverin∞Tamburin band led by its vocalists Aya and Precure artist Aya Ikeda.

Local Jrock cover band Moonspeak led by their main vocalist Adz Sison opened the first day of the JAM concert with songs from the following anime series Haikyuu! (Imagination), Eureka 7 (Days), Zetsuen no Tempest (Spirit Inspiration), and Slamdunk (Sekai Ga Owaru Made wa)

a-cosplaymania_JAM (10)

Aside from anime theme songs, Moonspeak also performed the theme song of the first live-action Rurouni Kenshin movie, The Beginning, by One Ok Rock.

Famous Japanese cosplayer KANAME☆ and Reika surprised the crowd as they jammed along with Moonspeak in the tune of Preserved Roses from Valvrave the Liberator and Days from Eureka Seven.

Ending the first day of the anisong concert is the live performance of Loverin∞Tamburin.

a-cosplay_mania_JAM (10) a-cosplay_mania_JAM (11)

Loverin∞Tamburin is known for their anisongs Aishitageru from Makai Senki Disgaea and mo.o! from Nanatsuiro★Drops.

The band is consists of their main vocalist and also songwriter AYA,  pianist and arranger AKIHIRO; and the support musicians, ex A-JARI member Fujio Ryo, ex SUPER TRAPP member Takumi Matsuda aka Fire and; ex Judy and Mary member and drummer Kohta Igarashi.

They also opened the second night of the JAM concert playing their new songs and some cover songs from Dragon Ball Z, etc. Their concert in Manila is part of their World Tour and this is their 12th performance outside Japan.

According to Team Deremoe, their performance is also part of the “arraignments” for the upcoming Haneda International Anime Music Festival which will take place on March 28-29.

Another highlight of the Cosplay Mania JAM is the live performance of ya Ikeda at the concert stage. The audience particularly Precure fans danced to the beat of their favorite Precure theme songs, “Alright! Heartcatch Precure!” from Heartcatch Precure, “Let’s go! Smile Precure!” from Smile Precure, Wonderful Powerful Music!! and #Kibou Rainbow# both from Suite Pretty Cure.

a-cosplay_mania_JAM (9)

Aside from Precure songs, she also performed the theme song of Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Kuromajutsu Satsujin Jiken-hen series, Road. She also played some of her new songs.

a-cosplay_mania_JAM (3)

After her great performance, her fans went to the side of the stage for a short hand shake session with anisong artist.

The night end with the performance of another local anisong band Ninja Tuna.