LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~ concert Event Recap

Risa Oribe also known as LiSA had a successfully held her first concert, ~Another Great Day in Manila~ concert yesterday, June 27 at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier in Taguig City.

LiSA was not the first Japanese artist who performed in the Philippines. There have been similar artists like Uchusentai Noiz, Heidi, Joe Inoue, Aya Ikeda, Starmarie and many more who had performed before and yet, it was well-attended by the community.

As early as the mall opening, fans of the Japanese anisong singer lined up just to see their favorite singer. LiSA’s fan T-shirt and other merchandise were even sold out hours before the concert has started.


At exactly 5PM, the doors were opened and fans orderly entered and occupied the seats of the venue. The organizers constantly remind the audience that taking photos and videos are prohibited. The concert started at 6PM and ended at around 7:30PM. Meet and greet session ended at around 9PM.

Almost all the premiere seats were filled. The members of the press and holder of the standard ticket occupied the balcony seats.

Here’s a list of happened during the concert.


Before the concert began, the concert organizers were constantly reminding the audience the rules and guidelines especially the no photography and no videography rule.

LiSA who famous for her songs from various anime series, opened the concern with songs from popular anime series Sword Art Online “Crossing Field” and Fate/Zero’s “Oath Sign”.

The second set were acoustic versions of Ichiban no Takaramono from Angel Beats, and two more song from Sword Art Online II, no more time machine and Shirushi.  It was also that time that LiSA introduced her guitarist which was well-received by the audience.


During the break, LiSA answered several questions from the audience.

LiSA talked about why she cried during the Girls Dead Monster Last Live – Final Operation. She was singing Ichiban no Takaramono back then.

This is LiSA’s first visit to the Philippines and yet, she was very worried that Filipinos might not know her. She expected to eat lots of bananas here. Aside from bananas, she liked mangoes, pork, bamboo rice and halu-halo.

She likes to date kind people like Woody from Toy Story.

Among the anime series she sang the theme songs, her favorite is Nisekoi and Fate/Zero. Nisekoi because of the characters while Fate/Zero on the story.

American artist Avril Lavigne has been influential on the growth of her music career. She wants to be like Avril which plays rock music but cute.

The second half with LiSA teaching the audience this dance step from the Electro Lyrica.

The last set were a song from her 6th album titled BRiGHT FLiGHT, Nisekoi’s OP Rally Go Round and Mahouka’s Rising Hope. LiSA gave an encore performance with the acoustic version of Angel Beat’s Crow Song.

She performed a total of ten songs in her first Manila concert



LiSA at here last moments on stage. Photo taken from LiSA’s blog

By the end of the concert, LiSA said that she promised to come back to the Philippines but this time with a band. She was also a given flowers and a full set of Minions figures from a popular fast food restaurant as a token of appreciation.

Then, she requested for a group selfie with the audience. The photo was posted on her staff’s Twitter account.

Premium ticket holders were given a chance to meet  LiSA as they exit the venue. This was also the time were fans can give their gifts to LiSA. As earlier announced, they were also given posters signed by the artist.

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LiSA’s first Manila concert was truly a one time experience for an anime fan here in the Philippines. Whether you are in the balcony or the auditorium , the concert offered more what you had expected. It was really a great day.

We are hoping that with the success of this concert, it opened more opportunities for producers and concert organizer to bring more Japanese artists to perform in the country.

Photos below are official photos from the concert.

LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~ Rules and Guidelines released

The organizers of the upcoming LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~ Fan Meet and Mini-concert has released its rules and guidelines for those who will be attending the first performance of Anisong singer LiSA in the Philippines.

Here’s a summarized version of the rules and guidelines.


Plans for the entrance lobby of the venue were also released.


LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~ Fan Meet and Mini-concert will be held this June 27 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier in Taguig City. For more information, you can check the official website

animephproject is a media partner of the event.

“Basic” ticket tier announced for LiSA concert in Manila

The organizers of the upcoming LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~ has announced a cheaper ticket tier for the concert and fan-meet.

According the official Facebook page of Japan Music Festival, the additional ticket tier or “Basic Tier” is priced at Php 999 and ticket holders will be seated at the second level of Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier. The new tier will not include the autographed poster as opposed to the “Premium tier,” which is worth Php2,999 and has the best view of the stage.

Furthermore, the organizer has released the new ticket tier is to “make this concert accessible to more fans.”

LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~ will take place this June 27 at Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier in Taguig City. Concert tickets are now available at and SM Ticket outlets nationwide. is a media partner of the upcoming LiSA ~Another Great Day in Manila~

Anison singer LiSA holds first concert in Manila

The official website for Japan Music Festival has announced that Anison artist LiSA is set to hold a mini-concert and fan meet for her fans in the Philippines this coming June.

The LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~ will take place this June 27 at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier, Taguig City. This will be her first visit in the Philippines.


Tickets are priced at Php 2,998 which includes an autographed poster and it will be sold via SM Tickets starting April 20. Event gates will open at 5PM and concert starts at 6PM.

The official website has also stated some rules during the concert proper. The concert will use a free seating system, first-come-first-served. There will be no photography, videography and audio recording allowed before, during and after the concert. Bringing of food and drinks except purchased within the venue are strictly prohibited.

LiSA is also set to perform in Singapore on July 18.

LiSA or Oribe Risa real life debuted as one of the vocalist for the fictional band “Girls Dead Monster” from the anime TV series Angel Beats in 2010. From thereon, she is already performing theme songs for various anime such as Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, Day Break Illusion, and The Irregular at Magic High School.

She already performed live concerts, not only in Japan, but also in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mexico, Boston, Los Angeles and now in Manila.

The LiSA ~ANOTHER GREAT DAY in Manila~ is produced and organized by SOZO in partnership with

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JMF Facebook page