O-kun Fiesta 2


After the success of their first ever event held last year with thousands of Japanese enthusiasts gathered and magazine supporters and readers, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine brings O-kun Fiesta 2, with the Japanese lantern festival as its theme.This year they  have even more tutorials, panel discussions, magazine signings and contests that will be happening in the two (2) day event that will be held on June 4-5, 2016 at Function Room 3 (not 1) of the SMX Convention Center.

Last chance of summer fun is at O-kun Fiesta! Otaku Asia’s annual event is back with more to offer. Now held on two exciting days, the event is something to look forward to before school starts.

O-kun Fiesta 2, is Otaku Asia’s way to reach out to their readers and give back for the support with a fun, informative and interactive fiesta of activities. Ticket price is at P150 sold on site and on Eventbrite (http://okunfiesta.otakuasia.com/ticketing/ ). PSICOM Publishing Inc. is holding a pre-selling offer for only P120 at their office until May 30.


O-kun Fiesta 2’s program includes a series of lectures, demonstrations and tutorials that are related to being an Otaku. The event features a cosplay competition in the unique form of Cosplay Parade (http://okunfiesta.otakuasia.com/blog-post/be-part-of-the-cosplay-parade/) also announced is their Toy Photography Contest (http://okunfiesta.otakuasia.com/blog-post/point-shoot-win-the-toyphotography-contest/) in partnership with Hubbyte Toy Store and with special participation of internationally aclaimed toy photographer, Kixkillradio.

While off-stage, guests can participate in the magazine signing, tanzaku wall and event photobooth set up by Moonstruck Creatives.


Also get your magazines signed at O-kun Fiesta 2!

Otaku Asia is firstly an annual magazine that has interviews, features and articles of the local cosplay and otaku scene in the metro.

In our O-kun Fiesta Special Issue, we feature all our guests, Ivyree Rosario of Little Things PH, Sheng Gonzales of Kixkillradio and Romeo Encisa Jr. of Moonstruck Creatives. Of course we will not forget to include our partners, Pixitato Artworks and Cosplay Medics PH. Inside are articles and posters of gender based cosplay groups, Bishounen Society and Tonari no Tsuns. This issue will have a 35-page student planner with pages for semestral schedules or anime streaming schedules!

Our event schedule: http://goo.gl/CsWF22

Our guests: http://okunfiesta.otakuasia.com/guests-and-lecturers/

Contests: http://okunfiesta.otakuasia.com/contests/

Ticketing: https://goo.gl/SBcdj5

See you at the event!

About O-kun Fiesta

O-kun is the doughnut-shaped fruit “O” on the logo of Otaku Asia, while Fiesta is because of our Filipino culture of celebration and festivities. Otaku Asia celebrates Japanese sub-culture appreciation with a touch of Filipino traits .

About Otaku Asia

Started as Otaku Asia Anime Magazine in 2013, Otaku Asia has transformed itself to be Philippine’s otaku lifestyle magazine. Based in Quezon City, the OA team has published several 96-page issues with various sections for cosplay, art, food, music, games, lifestyle, communities, tutorials and Japanese pop culture.

What is going to happen at O-kun Fiesta this weekend?


This weekend will again be a busy day for event goers as PSICOM’s otaku lifestyle magazine, Otaku Asia will be hosting its first Japanese-inspired culture event, O-kun Fiesta! this coming Saturday, May 16 at Function Room 1, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

Themed as a school summer festival, the event will emulate the magazine’s sections of anime, food, fashion, music, games, culture and entertainment into a Japanese school festival.

Attendees can join various competitions such as toy photograpy, drawing, karaoke and cosplay contest. The organizers has also provided three dressing rooms and baggage counters for cosplayers attending the event.

The event will also feature the first kimono fashion show organized by Kimono PH.  There will be lectures about afterwards.

The winner of the Golden Ticket Awards for the Best Community Event, Talking Apple’s will be handling the maids and butler cafe of the event. They will be serving various anime-inspired snacks, such as coffee, iced tea, omurice, cookies and chocolate-dipped bananas.

The event will also host Cosplay.ph’s Cosplay Costume of the Year 2014. The top 10 finalists will be featured on Otaku Asia Magazine’s May-June issue.

Tickets are worth Php 100 each and it will be available at the event itself. Do not forget also the house rules being implemented at the event.

animephproject.com is a media partner of O-kun Fiest 2015.

Otaku Asia announces pre-selling and ticket prices for O-kun Fiesta 2015

The organizers for the upcoming O-kun Fiesta has released details to where you can buy pre-sold ticket and its prices.

According to the latest press release, Otaku Asia will be pre-selling tickets during Tamashii Convention on March 28 and Ozine Fest on April 24-26, 2015. Tickets will also be available at their Cubao office (6 Yale St. Cubao, Quezon City) . Tickets are P100 each.

Otaku Asia also announces the guest judges for O-kun Fiesta and Cosplay Costume of the Year 2014. The guest judges are Marky Ilano, Ashley Misaki, Krizdel Ingreso, Jia Gold Bustamante and Liui Aquino.

More details about the guest here.

O-kun Fiesta will take place on May 16 at Function Room 1, SMX Manila. animephproject.com is a media partner of O-kun Fiesta.