Tamashii Convention – How to Pre-Order Tickets

You can pre-order your tickets for the upcoming Tamashii Convention starting today (February 7).

Here is a guide on how to order your tickets:

  1. Request an order by filling up the online form. You will receive a confirmation email after you submit the form.
  2. The email will have a summary of your order, including the amount due and the bank deposit details.
  3. Pay the deposit in full. You can also pay on meetup. Tickets are worth Php200 for the early birds. (There is a promo from February 7-14 where you can order your tickets for Php 180.)
  4. After deposit, please reply to your confirmation email with a clear photo or scan of your deposit slip. A ticket voucher will be received.
  5. Print the ticket voucher and exchange it with your tickets. You can claim your events tickets via meetups or at the event date itself. Tickets can also be delivered.


Tickets are also available at the event day but it will be sold at Php250.

All details about ordering ticket are at the Online Order Guide. You can also visit Tamashii Convention Facebook page for more details about the event.

animephproject.com is a media partner of Tamashii Convention to be held March 28 at Function Room 1, Meeting Room 2 and 3, SMX Convention Center.